Prestotem 2

Stylish And Simple Thanks To Its Revolutionary Design

French Tapware For Intensive Use And Challenging Environments


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Easy installation:

Light-weight frame (less than 1 kg) as mounting pattern, one person only to install.

Simplified maintenance:

  • Wide opening panel
  • Access to stop valve located inside the panel without using a stepladder.
  • The removable valve plate makes the shower valves maintenance easier and simplifies the winter storage.


The thermostatic cartridge, compliant to French norm EN1111, guarantees an anti-scalding system for users. Moreover, all MasterMix technology (patented and unique) integrated versions ensure both anti-scalding system and anti- bacterial proliferation inside the water network.


Eliminate water retention zone thanks to the new covers design.


Rotating head shower with anti-limescale spikes.


Anodised aluminium section and new blocking system.


It is suitable for both top or rear water inlets.

Water savings:

Self-closing versions prevent waste. PRESTOTEM 2 is also available in S anti-blocking version making continous flow impossible.

Interchangeability and wide range:

Interchangeable valve plate
The PRESTOTEM® 2 range is available in many versions (with or without self-closing shower valves).


PRESTOTEM® 2 is designed for intensive uses, with strict sanitary requirements:

  • campsites
  • public swimming pools
  • gyms and sports centres
  • stadium
  • outdoor accomodations
  • military accomodations

Technical Details

Benefits Of Mastermix® Versions

Q. Patented technology:

  • No cross connection between hot and cold water, to avoid bacterial proliferation. No check valves.

Q. Anti-scald safety:

  • The hot water shuts off immediately in case of hot or cold water failure according to the standard EN1111.
  • Dual temperature limiters 38°C and 41°C.
  • Safety thermal shock unlocking without dismantling the temperature knob and only accessible by persons of technical services.
  • Equipped with silicone flexibles adapted for health facilities: tested for desinfection cycles according to the standard Tech 15 NF077.


Designation Ref.
PRESTO 50 (T) with thermostatic mixer tap 88800
PRESTO 50 (T) with thermostatic mixer tap and hand-held shower 88802
PRESTO 50 (T) and thermostatic mixer tap antilegionella version 88804
PRESTO 50 (T), reverser and thermostatic mixer tap 88806
ALPA® (T) 88808
ALPA® (T) with hand-held shower 88810
ALPA® S® (T) 88812
ALPA® S® (T) with hand-held shower 88814
Single control (NT) 88816
Single control (NT) with hand-held shower 88818
PRESTO 50 (T) 88820
PRESTO 50 (T) with hand-held shower 88822
PRESTO 50 (T) antilegionella version 88824
TOUCH® with thermostatic mixer tap 88868
TOUCH® with thermostatic mixer tap and hand-held shower 88870
TOUCH® 88832
TOUCH® with hand-held shower 88834
SENSOR – Single tap – battery 88880
SENSOR – Single tap – power supply 88882
SENSOR with thermostatic mixer tap – battery 88884
SENSOR with thermostatic mixer tap – power supply 88886
TOUCH® with MasterMix® (TM) 88858
TOUCH® with MasterMix® (TM) and hand-held shower 88860
Dual control (NT) with Mastermix® (TM) and hand-held shower 88856
Dual control (NT) with Mastermix® (TM) and reverser 88866
Single control mixer tap (NT) 88846
Single control mixer tap (NT) with hand-held shower 88848

(T) timed-flow (NT) non timed-flow (TM) thermostatic mixer